Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Gas Rc Cars

There's nothing to compare with the sound and smells of a gas powered remote control cars. Gas remote control cars have two distinct advantages over electric remote control cars.
  1. Speed - typically faster then a similarly equipped electric remote control cars.
  2. Run time - longer run time only requires an occasional pit stop, but keep in mind that the on board battery that controls the radio needs to be recharged.
  3. While the gas remote control cars provides excitement, consider the following.
  4. Sound - like real life cars, gas radio controlled cars are loud, especially when the RPMs are screaming. You can only run these cars outside, so where you live determines how often you drive the gas cars.
  5. Maintenance - these machines require close attention to detail if your want your machine to run at top performance. Keeping the filters and moving parts clean, along with the exhaust and fumes, is a fact of gas remote control cars.

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