Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Petrol Remote Cars(petrol remote)

There have been many adverts on TV for petrol remote control cars, where you see a car dashing about with a big smile on the boys face and fantastic stunts by the car itself. What people do not realize is there is a lot more to a remote control cars than just making it dash about either performing stunts or banging into objects. You will find that petrol cars (nitro cars) are faster and take more skill to control than electric cars.

When you hear of Model Petrol Remote Control Cars you may get the wrong idea of what they are. They aren't all tiny small cars which are given for Christmas, but large 1/5th Scale Remote Control Cars such as Petrol Buggies which uses actual Petrol from a petrol station with a mixture of Stoke Oil which means they can be very cheap to run.

Alternatively you can get Nitro Cars, which use a fuel you need to buy from Model Shops and a bit more expensive than Petrol. You also get the Electric remote control cars which we all grow up with and get given to us as a present from our parents at birthdays or Christmas.

There is a great amount of fun to be had with any remote control cars but the people who grow to love them even more are able to fix and service their Model Petrol Remote Control Cars with any part they need available to buy from the Model Shops as well as many forums on the internet which specialise in this Niche Hobby.

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