Friday, June 27, 2008

Get Ready To Go Race Remote Control Race Car

If your are always on remote control car track event before or an enthusiast of track event, you will noticed that in every event, this On your mark, Get set, GO! was given before the race is on.Here is the step how to race remote control cars :

Step1 Fasten together an race remote control car racing club.

Step2 go to a few of the club's racing events.

Step3 Meet and talk with the more skilled and successful remote control car racers.

Step4 keep an eye on good remote control car drivers. Analyze their techniques.

Step5 Check out local hobby stores. Some may specialize in race remote control car racing, with store personnel taking part themselves.

Step6 Choose the type of race car you want - remote control gas car(actually nitromethane) or remote control electric car (battery).

Step7 Choose the type of suspension you'll need. Many race remote control car racers who compete on indoor,
carpeted tracks or on smooth, outdoor parking lots use relatively simple suspension systems.

Step8 Remember, most race remote control race cars are rear-wheel drive, although front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars are available.

Step9 Learn to correctly set up your race remote control race car. Weight distribution, suspension layout, and aerodynamic manipulation all come into play.

Step10 Build yourself a pit box with the proper tools and support equipment, such as a second (or third!) set of batteries, a quick charger, extra tires, and a spare body.

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