Friday, November 7, 2008

REMOTE CONTROL CARS - Off Road RC Gas Oil Mixture

Petrol rc cars distance from XRC to use actual unleaded petrol from the petrol station and a mixture rc oil of 2-cycle oil that you find on store shelves. You pay in unleaded petrol to the first mark, then 2-stroke oil to the 2nd mark. The price of petrol cars Buggy used more than £ 700, but due to research and manufacture and production of all parties are now under one roof, companies save money in the Import, export and overhead costs, which allows cars sold for much less than they have in the past. A typical price for XRC Buggy is £ 299.00, including free delivery and integrating VAT.


Nitrotrek are the sole distributor of XRC Buggy in the United Kingdom, which have continued success with the popularity of this model. A video is available on our Web site and the Nitrotek to see the full quality and power of the Buggy petrol cars. Many other petrol cars distance do not come with all the accessories you need to go but not XRC Buggy. There is a large-scale 1/5th power steering, electronics and battery charger, and even a toolkit.

The XRC Buggy also comes in blue, red or yellow can be chosen when buying and stickers to allow you to customize the car according to your taste. A large model if you look in Buggy petrol cars, but you can also obtain similar models in the range of nitro strollers or nitro in general which include cars on the road and off-road models.

Instead of using gasoline to power cars, these cars Nitro RC use fuel that is purchased model stores instead of petrol stations which is a little more inconvenient and costs a little more, but their speed is fantastic !. It is a high quality high-end e 1:8 scale nitro buggy and a fast machine. Designed for speed, it comes with everything you want in a car such as 3 rc shoes aluminum clutch, trees to cardiovascular diseases, difficult aluminum. The interior is a driver, 21 GO which are designed to Taiwan and the best on the rc car market with a large rear exhaust. See the video on the Web site for more information.


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