Friday, May 16, 2008

Remote Control Petrol Cars

There have been many adverts on TV for petrol remote control cars, where you see a car dashing about with a big smile on the boys face and fantastic stunts by the car itself. What people do not realize is there is a lot more to a remote control cars than just making it dash about either performing stunts or banging into objects. You will find that petrol cars (nitro cars) are faster and take more skill to control than electric cars.

As well as cars, you can also get trucks, planes, helicopters, tanks and general remote control cars toys.

Where these cars come into their own as a hobby is buying them and looking into how they work, servicing them or even fixing them or actually building them from scratch. Go into any major newsagents and you will find magazines dedicated to radio control cars, their design, build and tips on how to get more out of their performance as well as major meets where people can race their cars in races.

There are 1000’s of spares you can by online for your car when you decide to take your hobby to the level of servicing and fixing your own nitro car. Many forums can be found for when you do get stuck, as the learning curve is pretty steep but incredibly fun. They can run on grass, concrete and some can move over obstacles you put in their way such as the Monster Truck variations.

In the UK we refer to these cars as radio control petrol cars, but in the United States and Canada they call them Gas powered cars. These cars are superior in most ways to electric cars in that the designs are more robust but the petrol gives them more power, torque and overall fun value.

Each time the car is used, it needs the petrol tank to be filled so you can be up and running within a minute or two, but with an electric car you need to charge it for several hours before first use. Please bear in mind the safety issues with petrol regarding the petrol can spilling over, petrol spilling itself onto areas where you will be walking and take children into consideration.

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silk anoy said...

This is main thing about it. This type of car needs the petrol tank to be filled and everything is perfect in this car model. I impressed by that details.

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John Mendal said...

I got my son a really fast remote control car for christmas last year, he loved it wore it completely out. He's to ypung for a gas powered remote car. I would like to get him another but, I'm not really sure what they mean by the scale if it doesn't tell me the mph I'm not sure what to buy. Can anyone explain the scale? The one he got last year was a 1:10 scale but, they have sooo many scales which ones are fast?
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