Thursday, August 7, 2008

Variations In Remote Control Cars

If you've ever purchased any of the several remote control cars out there, most likely "the house" version is the one that you purchased. The one that kids can enjoy and they only cost £25-£50 and a pack of batteries to use them. However, as the kids get older, those become obsolete and parents don't take it to the next level, which many will enjoy even into their adult lives. So we wanted to give you some information on electric, nitro, and petrol cars so you can become a little more familiar.

First thing to understand when we are discussing electric remote control cars, they are completely different from those radio controlled ones you have at home. These are the ones that will be able to keep up with real vehicles going down a 35mph road (not really), but reaching speeds as high as 60km/h. The motor consists of a 540-22K, coming with 4WD, and several other features you can check out on the site. Best of all is that they are already assembled to run. Starting cost of an electric car; £68.08.

Nitro cars are different because they not only have an Infinity type engine, but also require fuel to go along with 12 AA batteries. It has a clutch, a 2-speed gearbox, and several other features that will start you on the right path if you are looking to make this more of a serious hobby. These are the fastest remote control cars overall and its been said that a scale speed of 110 mph hits around 13 to 14mph of what a full size vehicle would run. Starting cost of a nitro car; £102.12.

Then, of course, if you are a guru in the RC racing world, you are well informed about the petrol cars that used to cost at least £700, are now at the prices of nitro and electric remote control cars. These little vehicles take unleaded petrol mixed with 2 stroke oil, and have, but are not limited to, single cylinder engines, 520mm wheelbase, 23cc pull start engine, and more features that start at £245.96.

These are not the only prices and to be quite frank, it's hard to put an exact price on any of them because you can do a bunch of modifications, depending on how knowledgeable you are of remote control cars as a whole. You can always start out with a factory car and then later on, move up to more expensive, faster ones. They are a lot of fun once you start messing around with them and can become quite addictive once you find others to race with or places to go. Hopefully, we can help you get started with your very first car.
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