Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Remote Control Cars : Electric Rc Cars - Build RC Shock Absorbers

Build RC Shock Absorbers - The oil filled shock absorbers establish in RC cars and trucks are very important. A correctly built RC shock absorber determination make an rc car grip well. at the same time, a poorly assembled shock absorber will make a remote control car handle inconsistently.

Now, this is some tips for building smooth shock absorbers (Build rc Shock Absorbers) :

1. Build RC Shock Absorbers : Rebuilding shock absorber seals
First is to use "Green Slime" to put some grease or oil to the rubber shock seals. This will also create a seal that will minimize oil leaks. This also decreases the friction between the shaft and rubber seals, giving a smooth feeling.

2. Build rc Shock Absorbers : Protecting the shock shafts during assembly
A ordinary mistake is to take hold of the shock shaft with metal pliers. This will cause scratches on the shaft resulting in oil leaks. Protect the shaft by wrapping a piece of rubber between the shaft and the pliers.

Other tips for building a smooth shock absorber is to make sure to bleed the shocks correctly. This mean, you try to remove air bubbles trapped in the oil inside the shock absorber. Also, apply high quality silicon oil (e.g. Associated, Losi, Tamiya). This oils provide the consistency and correct thickness (WT) for specific rc car setups.

Here is some picture of RC Shock Absobers :

electric rc cars
electric rc cars

3.electric rc cars
electric rc cars
electric rc cars
electric rc cars

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